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(De)bugger! Break The Code

README (if any):

Hello! The goal of my game is to get the highest score by destroying as much code as you can.
You are playing as (De)bugger, an opposite of standard debugger, that destroys the code instead
of repairing it. Of course, compilers will try to stop you. That's why you have to evade 
their attacks. On the other hand, you aren't defenceless. Try to destroy your foes and code by
clicking left mouse button. You can also move by using either arrows or A and D keys. After you 
destroy an enemy, there is a chance that it will drop a powerup. The ones with a red cross will
heal you and the ones with a bullet will upgrade your shooting pattern. In options menu, you can
change the difficulty of the game. the harder the level, the bigger the score. Also, keep in 
mind that a singlle contact with code or with a compiler will kill you.