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Grave Struggle

README (if any):

-- Controls --
The basic controls are explained in the game tutorial, too;
A second time:

	WASD - default walking
	Space - jumping
	Left click = shooting
	Right click = zooming
-- GUI --
The left bar is the life/energy bar, the right one the one for ammo.

-- Game goal --
And yes, the game after the tutorial is to survive as long as possible and collect as many points as possible.
My personal score in a pretty finished version (only some map parts were missing at that time) is 14335, so equal amounts should be possible to achieve.

-- Stuck before the red wall in the tutorial? --
Shoot bullets on the ground while jumping (and moving forward); because of the thrust of the bullets, you can jump higher
-- Stuck after the red wall in the tutorial? --
You can climb under the blue container by pressing down space constantly. You probably could jump on top of it with a bit of luck, too.

-- Copyright things --
All sound effects, models and colors, as the sky are mine, so no copyright links to others.
(ofc you can re-host it as described in the rules)

-- Additional Notes --
If you click on the game, your cursor should hide, so you can move your head around freely.
It was tested in Chromium and Opera on Linux (KDE) and worked fine there; also in Chrome on Win8 it worked fine;
It didn't work in Firefox on Linux, because of 

Antonio Noack

(that's why the .AN.NO.-"watermark")