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README (if any):

	 _   _  _____ _      _     ______ _   _ _   _
	| | | ||  ___| |    | |    | ___ \ | | | \ | |
	| |_| || |__ | |    | |    | |_/ / | | |  \| |
	|  _  ||  __|| |    | |    |    /| | | | . ` |
	| | | || |___| |____| |____| |\ \| |_| | |\  |
	\_| |_/\____/\_____/\_____/\_| \_|\___/\_| \_/

BY: PezeT (Piotr ZbiƄski)
GRAPHICS: CptnBacon (Magdalena Frankiewicz)


[WSAD] - movement
[R]    - reload
[MOUSE]- aiming
[LPM]  - fire

The game is all about running through hell with a gun.. u can say what happens there, right. Your task is to survive as much time as possible, while countless hordes of demons are trying to rip the head from your spine.

Game works like this:
Every 10-20 seconds (changing during combat) a group of demons is released above and below you. U guessed it - they ain't nice. Your task is to NOT let them close to you.

They are 4 kinds of demons you're gonna face (TIERS):
1. FLAME - 3HP / 2 SPEED / NO SPECIAL SKILL / The most common one, the easiest one to kill tho.
2. CHART - 4HP / 2 SPEED / SPECIAL: ANGRY BULL - as he loses HP, he gains SPEED / Let's say u just used your last 3 bullets on that guy and u have to reload. Well.. Game Over.
3. RAIDER (IMP) - 1HP / 4 SPEED / SPECIAL: +1 max bullet capacity if killed / The most anoying one i guess. Fast as check, try to always kill these guys first. At least he gives u one more place in mag for bullet, right?
4. BARON - 8HP / 3 SPEED / SPECIAL: +3 bullets to your current mag if killed | UNSTOPTABLE: your shots don't make him stay in place / This is the tough one, leader of hell's knights. Can't be stopped but giving him 8 bullets in the face makes u receive 3 more bullets straight into your barrel.

- players shots always deal 1 dmg to any enemy and stun him for a split second (unless it's a BARON),
- u can shoot multiple enemies if u manage to stack them up in one place
- player's shots have a (really) small chance to paralize the target. Such target won't move for some time after being hit and if u manage to hit him while paralized - he dies no matter how much HP he has left. If u don't hit him - he'll just continue to hunt u down,
- player can get more & more ammo as the battle rages on: he receives some place in barrel for ammo every 3 rounds (untill all kinds of demons are there) and for killing RAIDERS,
- after unlocking all demon kinds, player gets a speed boost,
- player has only one chance - mistake always means death.

And for the last part: you can't really 'beat' the game. Hordes are endless. The more u're alive, the more monsters will come.

Yeah i know that doesn't sound good, but that's hell right. This is how it suppose to sound!

[My personal score: 396 DEMONS SLAIN]

It's a run-n-gun / top-down shooter, made fully in HTML(canvas) + JS. It's a straight-point-shoot game (like an old arcade one), that means the bullets go RIGHT where you aim at, not like they'd realistically come out of the barrel and hit the first target between u and the crosshair. It makes the game harder, 'couse u can't just aim at 'the enemies direction' but you have to bring it right on them!

Game mechanics are pretty simple to understand: going side to side is faster than going up 'n down and u only have ONE life - cought = death (or should i say '=='?)

Had some great time making & playing it.

//NOTE: Please have in mind, due to contest rules the game has no music (sounds only), but it's so catchy if u start 'DOOM - BFG Division' as u play out of contest. I really recommend u to try!

Thanks to everyone trying out the game. Hope u got some great time!