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README (if any):

================= MAD COWBOY =================
You're a cowboy and you have to fight with aliens!
Your goal is to kill as much aliens as possible before dying.
The challenge is getting harder with time as the aliens spawn more frequently!
You can heal yourself in the center of the map every 15 seconds.

Have fun!

	Walking: W, A, S, D
	Shooting: Left mouse button
	Aiming: Moving the mouse


All files needed to run the game are in the 'dist' directory.
Please set the MIME type for the .wasm file to 'application/wasm' (if it's not set by default)

Source code is in the 'src' directory.
To compile it, install EMSDK (https://github.com/juj/emsdk) and run the command:
emcc src/main.cpp -s WASM=1 -Oz --closure 1 -o index.html --shell-file src/shell_minimal.html -s ENVIRONMENT=web
Then replace the generated 'index.js' file with the one provided by me in the 'src' directory to save as much space as possible.