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Shelter Rampage

README (if any):

=== Shelter Rampage ===========================================================
The game is distributed as a single `index.htm` file located in `./dist`
directory. This is the only file required to run the game and the one that
follows 8.3 filename format constraint.

Source code is also available on GitHub: 

and the game itself is also hosted here: 

=== Instructions ==============================================================
Use `WASD` to move, look around using mouse and shoot using `LEFT MOUSE BUTTON`
or `SPACE`.

Your job is to clear the floor from enemies. When you do that you will proceed
to the next floor.

Bullets and enemies hits can hurt you. Your health is represented in top-left
corner of the screen.

Your gun has unlimited ammo but shotting can overheat it - when that happens
you will have to wait for it to cool down. Your gun's temperature is
represented in bottom-left part of the screen.

Killing enemies will charge your special ability. When fully charged you can
activate it by pressing `F` key. Activated ability lasts for a couple of
seconds and gives you both immortality and faster shooting speed. You can check
charging status in bottom-right part of the screen.

Try to beat your own highscore or challenge your friends!

=== Building ==================================================================
To build the game on your own you have to run:

npm i
npm run build